Where to Get Rough Stone Block

rough stone block

Stone pieces that you get from using a pickaxe on a patch of stone will be the requirement for a huge amount of blueprints in Autonauts. It is most definitely an item worth setting up a builder for when it comes to automating blueprint construction. As you progress further in the game you will eventually come across a need for a rough stone block when you are creating the sledgehammers needed for Sappers.

Rough stone blocks are obtained by harvesting a hard rock mass. These are found all over the map, see the image below if you are unsure what they look like.

hard rock mass
You can get rough stone blocks from the hard rock masses.

When you use a chisel on one of these, you will end up with a rough stone block that you can use for crafting other items. The process is no different to working with regular stone blocks. The only catch is that the chisel requires you to have a good workbench as it can’t be made using the basic workbench.

How to Create A Chisel For Rough Stone Blocks

In order to get a chisel to harvest rough stone blocks from a hard rock mass, you will need to construct a good workbench. You may need to progress further with raiding pirate bases to unlock the blueprint for this if you don’t have it.

rough stone block
Using a good workbench, you can use a crude blade, pole and a wooden mallet to create a crude chisel that you can then use to create rough stone blocks from a hard rock mass

You can craft a chisel using a blade, pole and a mallet. Give this to a bot and you will be able to harvest the stone blocks from the rocks to use in any other crafting recipe.

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