How to Remove Bushes

When planning out your settlement, it is nice to put related activities into the same location to maximize speed. One thing that is going to get in your way at some point are bushes and plants. The purple berry bushes have their uses but it does not help when you are trying to expand your farm and a bush is right in the middle of where you are trying to expand into.

Destroying the bush is the obvious solution but coming at it with an axe does not chop it down, leaving you in a bit of a difficult situation if you are someone who likes to have a super neat and organised layout but a few bushes are in the way blocking things.

Destroying Purple Berry Bushes and Other Plants

If you want to remove a plant like a purple berry bush from the map, you need to get a shovel. Might not be the most obvious tool for the job but if you think about it, the job requires you to dig up the plant, so a shovel does make sense.

how to remove bushes

Equipping a shovel and left-clicking on the bush will allow you to dig up the bush, removing it from the map and giving you the valuable space to expand and organise your settlement.

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