How To Make Bot Drop Items

It doesn’t matter how well you design your scripts, when you start to get into the realm of complex scripts, either because there is a need for it, or you have made the mistake of creating multi-tasking robots, you will run into some bugs.

The script you have has the bot trying to pick up an item but it is unable to do so because there is something else in its hand. Sometimes this is down to restarting a script or a range of other bugs that get in the way of the bot doing its job.

Stopping the script and running it again is usually the simple way to solve the problem but if the bot has an item in its hand, it will be unable to complete its job or even start it until the item is gone. You will need to get the bot to drop the item to fix the issue.

Getting Work Bots To Drop Held Items

Getting bots to drop held items is super simple, when you blow the whistle, select the bot you want to make drop an item. From the script menu, you will see there is an icon with a picture of a hand on it.

make bot drop item
The button with a hand on it will make the bot drop the item when the script has been stopped

You will not be able to use this while the script is running. You will need to stop the script before you will be able to get the bot to drop the item in its hands. Once it is dropped, you won’t be able to get the bot to pick it back up so you may have to manually clean up the mess.

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