How To Get Starhorses Favor

starhorses favor

Starhorses Favor is a buff that is given to players during the Dares of Eternity game mode. There are a few conditions under which this buff can be applied and is a highly valuable buff to have during the harder difficulty.

This guide will cover the buff and explain how to obtain it while playing this game mode.

What Does Starhorses Favour do?

Starhorses favor is a buff that will give you a slow feed of heavy weapon ammo. If you pay attention to your weapons, you will see that there is a small replenishment of ammo every few seconds. This can be incredibly handy when you are playing on legend difficulty and need to rely on your heavy ammo more often to take down larger, more challenging enemies.

Normally, this buff will apply for the duration of the game but there are a few things that can happen during a game that may result in you losing the buff.

Starhorses Favor
When starhorses favor is active, you will see the status on the left side of the screen and also see a color changing fire above your characters head

How To Get Starhorses Favour

Starhorses favor can be unlocked after completing each of the two rounds in Dares of Eternity. If you complete either of the requirements for the challenge below, you will be awarded starhorses favor.

First Round Obstacle Course

dares of eternity starhorses favour
After comleting the first stage of dares, you will need to head to the obstacle course in the distance

After completing the first round, you will need to take on the obstacle course. This starts with you being shot across a large open area toward a spinning wheel against the mountain. You will need to make it to the top entrance and then make it through the obstacle course without falling in order to get the buff.

Second-Round Door Selection

chosing correct door in dares of eternity
At the end of the second room, you will reach these large doors and need to decide the correct door to proceed.

Once you complete the second round, you will find three large doors with three circles on the floor. You will be asked to guess the correct circle. If you get it right, you will get the starhorses favor buff.

The next question is how to know what the correct door is. If you are playing on legend difficulty, it is actually very easy to guess the correct door using this guide. If you are playing on normal difficulty, the selection is random, making it harder to get this right.

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