Unfinished Business Exotic Quest Guide

Unfinished Business is an exotic quest from Destiny 2, introduced in the Lightfall expansion. In this guide, we’ll be providing you with a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete this quest and obtain the exotic weapon reward.

Step 1: Collect Cipher Qubits from the Vex

To start this quest, you’ll need to collect Cipher Qubits from the Vex. These can be obtained by defeating Vex enemies on Neptune. There are plenty of public events to find them in. Once you have collected enough Cipher Qubits, the quest will progress and you’ll be tasked with finding and extracting data from Cloud Accretions.

Step 2: Equip Ghost Mod to Find Cloud Accretions

To find Cloud Accretions, you’ll need to equip a mod to your Ghost that will help you locate them. This mod can be obtained by completing activities on Neptune, the new planet added in the Lightfall expansion. Once you have the mod equipped, head to Neptune and explore the area of the planet that contains enemies. You should come across plenty of Cloud Accretions in this area.

Step 3: Find and Extract Data from Cloud Accretions

You’ll need to find five Cloud Accretions in order to extract the required data. The Cloud Accretions are the planet’s randomly spawning resource, similar to the Data Lattices and Canisters found on other planets. Once you’ve found a Cloud Accretion, interact with it to extract data. Repeat this process until you have extracted data from five Cloud Accretions.

Step 4: Complete the Quest

After you have collected the required Cipher Qubits and extracted data from five Cloud Accretions, return to the quest giver to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with an exotic weapon upon completion of the quest

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