Ingredients Missing For Crafting Gjallardoodles

Crafting Gjallardoodles

After getting started with The Dawning seasonal event in Destiny 2, the tutorial had me make use of Eva’s Holiday Oven. The ingredients should have been provided as part of the quest introduction but when the quest prompted me to craft the Gjallardoodles item, the oven showed that I did not have the ingredients required to make it.

After spending some time, I found out what had gone wrong and it wasn’t a bug. The problem was down to my inventory. It was completely full when I picked up the quest and as a result, the ingredients given to me couldn’t be added to the inventory.

inventory full
My inventory was completely full 50/50 so there was no way for me to accept the crafting ingredients for the tutorial.

This is a similar issue that will impact any of the cookie crafting activities as part of the Cookie Delivery Helper quest. If your inventory is full, you won’t be able to have the items. The solution is the same and it is an easy one, thankfully.

I was missing the Essence of dawning items and it turns out, they get sent to the postmaster when you don’t have enough space in your inventory to accept them. You will likely have some junk in your inventory that you can dispose of. Do this to free up space and head over to the postmaster to collect your missing items.

missing items in postman
The missing crafting ingredients for the oven were sitting in the postmans stash
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