How Do I Knock Down The Gobstones?


I have picked up the side quest “Gobs of Gobstones” and everytime I am out in the courtyard, the main character says that I should keep an eye out in high places for any of the Gobstones. I can see one quite clearly but it is out of reach. I have used all of the spells that I have but I can’t knock them down. I would assume that I just need to get a new spell to do this but it also seems odd that the game would allow me to take the quest without the means to complete it. Especially when the character keeps repeating the same line to keep an eye out for the gobstones. Anyone know how you are supposed to knock down the gobstones?

How Do I Knock Down The Gobstones
Hogwarts Legacy

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Dan Hastings -

You should be able to pull them down using the Accio spell. The same spell that is used to pull the flying pages out of the air. The hit detection for them is really bad. It took me a bunch of attempts to actually get the gobstone to fall down to me so this is likely what has happened to you too. You just need to perform the spell a couple of times moving slightly each time until the gobstone eventually falls down to you. This video guide will explain it better and also show you where to find all of the gobstones.


  1. Stop right when the character says the “look for high places” voice line, I think that means you are able to use accio. It took me a few try’s until that worked.

  2. Stand on the top of the stairs with your back to wall the furthest right you can do and it gets you high enough to get the one in the courtyard

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