How To Get Past Demons After Getting Cloak


I am going through the quest for Niamh Fitzgerald where everything looks like a black and white sketchbook picture. I have been sneaking past the demons that look like skeletons in cloaks. I have just picked up the cloak item and I have no idea where to go next. There is only one obvious way out of here but the path is filled with demons, preventing me from going any further. How are you supposed to get past all of these guys?

How To Get Past Demons After Getting Cloak
Hogwarts Legacy

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1 Answer

savageeye -

You don’t need to sneak past them all. The item you just picked up is the same invisibility cloak from the movies. You do not need to worry about enemies detecting you. When you are covered with the invisibility cloak, you don’t need to worry about them detecting you. You can simply walk down the path that has all of those demons without needing to worry about detection

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