How To Gear Equip Traits To Slots?


Ive noticed that legendary armor has slots for traits but I don’t remember the game ever mentioning how you actually slot traits into them. How do you make use of these? Feels kinda pointless having high end gear when the average, green tier gear has the same benefits when it has no trait slots?

How To Gear Equip Traits To Slots
Hogwarts Legacy

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Dan -

I don’t know the exact answer to this. I had been wondering the same thing myself for a while. You unlock the traits from completing challenges so make sure you have gone into the challenge menu and grabbed any of the pending rewards you have here, this might be the problem for you. 

I eventually started noticing that the traits were being added to gear automatically. I still don’t know how/if it is possible to change the trait that a piece of gear has. I am assuming it can eventually but I don’t know how to do this. Either way, the traits just started getting added to random pieces of gear for me. Some pieces have traits and others do not. I don’t know why this is but my guess is the gear will auto-select the relevant trait automatically if you have it unlocked. 

no trait applied
There is no trait applied to this gear for some reason

selecting a gear trait
For whatever reason, this piece of gear does have a trait. I didnt set it, the game did it automaticallty.

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