Your gear slots are full - Gladrags quest


I am at Gladrags at Hogsmeade after dealing with the trolls. The guy wants to give me some robes but I am unable to accept them. When I try to purchase the robes, I get the error “Your gear slots are full”. I can’t exit out of the screen or deny the robes. How am I supposed to fix this? 

Your gear slots are full

Your gear slots are full - Gladrags quest
Hogwarts Legacy

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Ray Cunningham -

If you look up, you will see there are two icons. One that has a stack of coins and is highlighted and next to it is a chest. Press R1 to go over to this and you will be able to sell some of the gear that you already have. Sell some of the gray or green pieces that are not very good and this will free up some space for you to be able to purchase some other items. 

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