How To Move The Giant Ball On The Merlin Challenge


After completing the first merlin challenge, I have come across a second one on the way back to the castle. This one has a big giant ball near the start of the challenge and I can see down the hill, near the beach is a hole. My guess is that I have to push this ball down to the hole at the beach but I cant move it. I have tried running at it from various angles and this does cause the ball to look like it is almost going to move but it never works. I have also tried all of the spells that I have at the moment and none of these move the ball either. How do you move it?

How To Move The Giant Ball On The Merlin Challenge
Hogwarts Legacy

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2 Answers

Dan Hastings -

You will need to use wingadium levosia to move the boulder easily. Depulso will also move it. No other spells really do the job for this. You can often give it just enough push to get it over the edge so it rolls down the hill but not always enough. There’s a guide to the merlin trials here that will cover all of the different trial types and how to solve them.

Lloyd Collier -

You will need to use a four spell combo from the standard attack before the ball will move. This is similar to combat where mashing the standard trigger attack does low enough damage until you land the fourth attack in the combo. Once you hit with this final attack, it should be enough to push the ball down the hill. This video guide should help you out. I you are stuck.


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