How To Solve The Different Types Of Merlin Trials

merlin trial

Merlin trials are enjoyable puzzles that you will find all over the map in Hogwarts Legacy. They can range in difficulty and there is a nice variety of different challenge types that you can come up against. Sometimes the solution is obvious and other times, not so much. This guide is going to cover all of the different types of Merlin trials that are available in Hogwarts Legacy and explain how to solve them.

Solving each of the puzzles will help you earn new inventory slots. Each solved puzzle will show you a leaf silhouette of this famous wizard and one of the more unexplored Hogwarts Legacy characters.

Giant Boulder Merlin Trial

This trial will generally be on a hill. There will be a sort of bowl in a lower area and a large boulder higher up. The idea is to get the boulder into the bowl to complete the challenge.

giant boulder merlin trial
This is the pit that you will need to roll the large boulder into.

How To Move The Boulder?

This is an unexpected challenge but actually moving the boulder is difficult. Your standard attack spell will move it slightly but not enough to make any significant movement. You may eventually get some movement and push it off the edge but in order to move the boulders, you will need to use Wingardium Leviosa or Depulso. Depulso will push the boulder away and Wingardium Leviosa will give you some clean abilities to move the ball wherever you like with far more precision.

Three Braziers Merlin Trial

This one is quite common and easy enough to solve. There will be three braziers on three pillars in the area. Each pillar will be a different size large, medium, and small. When you light the brazier, it will begin to move toward the ground. You will need to light all three braziers before any of them touch the ground. To complete this, it is best to target the tallest brazier first and light the smallest one last. This way you have plenty of time to get them lit before the smallest one reaches the bottom. Light them all on time and the task is complete.

brazier merlin trial
This is one of the taller braziers. Look for all three before lighting them and light the tallest first before finishing on the smallest one.

Blue Firefly Merlin Trial

This one is much easier to complete at night time. There should be three box-like stone structures near the stone circle for the merlin trial. You will need to locate a batch of blue/green fireflies nearby and lead them back to these stone boxes using the Lumos spell.

blue bugs merlin trial
If you have a broom, completing this is even easier as it makes finding the three batches of the blue bugs even easier.

Green Standing Stone Merlin Trial

This one is going to stump you a bit at first as you will be wondering what are you supposed to do with these big stones. The leaves floating above the stone show that it is related to the trial but what do you do with them? You will identify them with the green emeralds on them but this is not a clue. You simply need to blow up the stones. Using the explosive fire spells will do the trick. Finding them can be a tad tricky sometimes but a quick search and you will find them.

green standing stones trial
The stones can be up high, down low, and sometimes well hidden behind vines and other things. Blow them up to complete the trial

Clay Pots Merlin Trial

For this trial, you will find there are three sets of three clay pots. So nine pots in total. They will often be on top of stone pillars and very easy to spot. These are more common around towns and do not take too much effort to destroy or locate but there are one or two exceptions where they can be a tad tricky to locate.

clay balls merlin trial
Destroy the three sets of three pots and the trial will be completed.

Broken Statue Merlin Trials

The broken statue trial is one of the more frustrating ones as finding the ruins of the statues is not that easy. Sometimes you can walk right past it multiple times and not actually find it. You may have to resort to video guides for solving some of these but the idea is simple. You will need to use the Reparo spell on the ruins of three different statues to complete the trail. Using the spell will turn the rubble into a standing statue again.

broken statue merlin trial
The broken statue is easy to spot when the game highlights it for you but this is not something you can rely on. Sometimes it will not highlight it white like the image above. You will have to keep a keen eye out for the ruins.

Standing On White Platforms

There are a few tasks that involve you standing on white-faced stones/platforms. You will need to jump on all of them without stepping on anything else in between. When you stand on one, it will be covered in vines. Stand on all of them and the task will be completed. There is no real trick to them, you just have to get the hang of the platforming required for it. The biggest issue is spotting the stones to stand on in the first place. The image below will show you what they look like.

white stone challenge

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