Solving Black Moth / Butterfly Picture Frames

As you first start exploring the castle of Hogwarts, you are sure to come across these unusual picture frames that have a dark black picture with a thick frame that has several butterflies or moths around them. These are moth frames and there are plenty of them scattered around Hogwarts and the grounds. What are you supposed to do with them?

Here is what you need to do to solve the puzzle around the black picture frames with moths around the edge.

Revealing The Picture On The Black Frame

When you find a black frame somewhere in the castle, Hogsmeade, or anywhere else, you will first need to reveal the picture. To do this, you will need to cast the Lumos spell when standing next to the frame. This will reveal a picture that acts as a clue for the next part of the puzzle.

Finding the Moth For The Frame

To complete the puzzle, you are going to need to find the moth that is connected to the frame. The picture that was revealed when you used lumos will show you where the moth is. Sometimes it may be tricky to find the location but most of the time, the moth is very close by, you wont have to travel too far.

Once you find the moth, cast the lumos spell again and the moth will be attracted to the light. Guide it back to the picture frame and it will complete the puzzle.

If you want a more visual guide on what you need to do, check out the video guide below. This will show you how to reveal the picture in the black butterfly frame and how to solve the puzzle.

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