How To Catch A Unicorn

how to catch a unicorn

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with lots of exotic and unusual magical creatures. While the game introduces plenty of wildly magical creatures, one, rather familiar creature still stands out. The unicorn!

Unicorns exist in the wizarding world and after you unlock the bag to capture beasts you will be able to go out and look for a unicorn. Capturing magical beasts will allow you to breed and take care of them back at the room of requirement. If you are looking for a unicorn to add to your animal collection, this guide will show you how to get one.

Where To Find Unicorns

Unicorns can be found in Northern Hogsfield. There is a flu marker here, making it quite easy to get there quickly. There is a unicorn den very close to this location. The map below will show you the exact spot so you can get there quickly.

where to find a unicorn
The map is zoomed out but the cursor marks the exact location of the unicorn den. The fast travel point is just to the right.

How to Capture A Unicorn

Once you have made your way to the unicorn den, the next challenge is actually capturing the unicorn. Unicorns require 5-6 button prompts before they will be sucked into the case and due to the fact that they run away quickly, they can be challenging to catch. Using the Aresto Momentum spell will make capturing unicorns incredibly easy as it will completely slow them down. It won’t buy you enough time to fully capture them but doing it twice will be enough. The video guide below will show you some handy tricks for capturing the unicorn and where to go to get it.

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