Should I Take The Relic In The Shadow of Time Quest?


I have gotten to the end of the catacomb in the shadow of time quest and I have found the triangle relic thing of the skeleton parts. There are two options. To leave the relic alone or to take it. Which option should you pick? Is there anything bad that will happen if you take it?

Should I Take The Relic In The Shadow of Time Quest
Hogwarts Legacy

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1 Answer

Marvin Mason -

This is one of those pseudo options. You can select either option, take it or leave it behind. Either way Sebastian is going to decide to take it away and study it. Its just a bit of a moral thing. If you don’t feel happy you can oppose it but either way, it isn’t going to alter the outcome of the quest. The relic is going to be taken regardless.

If you decide to oppose, you will gain the approval of Ominis during a later conversation but it doesn’t really alter the flow of things much here either. I don’t want to spoil too much but you will have the conversation options to keep him happy no matter which option you decide on. It feels like this particular decision is going to have little impact on the flow of events.

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