Where to Find Rabbits In Forbidden West

Rabbits are a common wild animal found in Forbidden West. They are one of the few animals in the game that can be found in several biomes and areas across the map. They are small furry mammals that are not harmful and are moderately challenging to kill.

Rabbits can be found in multiple areas of the game. They are most common in any wooded areas, be it near the starting area of the game or any trees up north. They tend to be found in any of the warmer wooded areas, they are less common in the snowy north.

where to find rabbits
Rabbits are very common around the lakeside and woodlands further south. Very common

Rabbits are fairly easy to kill as they are big enough to not be obscured by the grass and foliage in the wooded areas. You will need to have a fast enough aim to take them out if you startle them as they can run quite fast. Using concentration will make this much easier while you are aiming.

how to find rabbits

How To Get Rabbit Bones

Rabbit bones are randomly dropped when you kill wild rabbits in Horizon Forbidden West. The drop rate is slightly less common than rabbit hide but the drops are not that uncommon. Due to how common rabbits are across the game, you should be able to gather quite a few of these with little effort. There is no specific trick you can use to guarantee that a bone is going to drop when you kill a rabbit.

What Are Rabbit Bones Used For?

Rabbit bones are used as a crafting item at workbenches. You will need to use these when crafting the various different pouch and satchel upgrades for weapon ammo and inventory items.

How To Get Rabbit Hide

To get rabbit hide, you will need to kill wild rabbits. When you are hunting, there is a chance that rabbit hide will drop. Sometimes nothing will drop and other times, you may find you get bones. It is not normal for both items to drop from one animal.

What Is Rabbit Hide Used For?

Rabbit hide is used as a crafting component at workbenches. You will need to find a few pieces when crafting pouch upgrades.

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