Rescue The Survivors Trapped in the Metal Tower (Deluge)


I am on the side quest “The Deluge” and the objective is to rescue the survivors trapped in the metal tower. I have been swimming around the ruins of the metal tower and I don’t see any way to climb it. I can see there is a vent opening that is under the water but I can’t latch onto it or break it open to let me swim inside. How are you supposed to get inside this tower? I can see lots of climbing things inside the tower so I am guessing I am meant to go inside here.

Rescue The Survivors Trapped in the Metal Tower (Deluge)
Horizon Forbidden West

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locknloaded -

If you swim back a bit and get onto the nearby chunk of land, you will see that it is possible to push the tree over. This will create a bridge that gives you access to the internal shell of the tower where you can climb inside.

Survivors Trapped in the Metal Tower

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