How To Open Vent During Climb To Tower In Burning Shores

Ok, it’s been a while since you last played this game and like me, you have probably forgotten most of the game mechanics and the controls. Since there is no quick tutorial to get you back up to speed again, you need to figure out some of these basic things all over again. The first obstacle you are likely going to hit is with a locked vent that you need to rip off during the climb to the top of the tower. How do you break it off?

The pull caster is not the trick here, you will need to use a grapple strike, remember them? Me neither. But here we are. The upside-down triangle on the vent shows that this is ready and when you jump, you will see a sort of gear icon appear within the triangle. This means you can perform a grapple strike on it.

To perform a grapple strike, press X while you are in the air. So essentially, double tap X while you are within range of the vent. You will know you are in range due to the gear thing showing up in the triangle. Once you do it right, you will latch onto the vent and rip it open. The video guide below will show you exactly how to perform this if you are still unsure.

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