Tallneck: Stillsands

Talneck: Stillsands

The Stillsands Tallneck can be one of the most difficult Tallnecks to capture in Horizon: Forbidden West. Solving the puzzle isn’t so much the problem but the waves of high level, difficult enemies that will keep coming to get in the way of you being able to complete the objective.

The approach to this Tallneck should be one of stealth unless, of course, you like the challenge of the combat that comes with activating the ballista’s. This guide will show you what you need to do to capture this Tallneck in one of the more unconventional Tallneck challenges.

Finding The Three Ballistas for the Stillsands Tallneck

The first two baristas should be fairly easy for you to locate. They are in the centre of the path that the Tallneck is patrolling. You will need to keep in mind that there are enemies in the area and even if you kill them all, using the ballista will trigger another wave to come and attack you.

You will need to aim the Balista at the Tallneck as it walks past you. For some reason, the bolts don’t always attach to the Tallneck, I am unsure if there is some trick to this that was not obvious to me but after shooting a few shots at it, the bolt latched on and triggered a wave of machines to come and make life difficult.

aim ballista at tallneck
You will need to land a shot from the ballista onto the tallneck in order to attach the anchor

Can’t Find Third Balista

The third ballista is a bit of a tricky one to find because it is not in the same place as the other two. Even when you try to look a bit further out, it blends in very well with the colour of the nearby mountain rocks, which make it quite easy for you to miss.

If you look at the map, you will need to go to the eastern part of the circle the Tallneck is walking around. On the rocky cliff edge, you will spot a wooden platform with a tent on top. The ballista is sitting up here, on top of the platform.

third ballista
The third ballista is hard to see as it blends in well with the mountain it is up against.

I found this third ballista the most difficult of the three to attach to the Tallneck. The first two attached to him first go but this one would not latch on correctly. It must have taken me two or three rotations of hammering the Tallneck with the bolt before it finally attached to him and took him down.

Once the final ballista took has been attached to the Tallneck, it will fall to the ground and you will be able to run over and activate pulse to uncover the area.

stillsands tallneck
Once the Tallneck goes down, you will be able to override it.
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