Where to Find Vultures In Forbidden West

Vultures are another large wild bird in Horizon Forbidden West. These birds spend most of their time fairly stationary on the ground. When they do fly, it is quite easy to take them down due to their large size and relatively slow flying speed compared to other birds.

You will find Vultures quite often in the deserts. There are very few birds in the desert and due to the lack of trees to obscure the horizon, it is quite easy to spot vultures. They are very common and widespread, so you should have very little trouble spotting these birds in the desert and rocky areas.

rocky biome for hunting
Vultures are common in the rocky, grand canyon style area of the game along with the more sandy desert areas

Unlike most of the animals that live in the desert, vultures do not possess great natural camouflage. In fact, they sort of stand out with their dark brown feathers and bright red feathers on their heads. They don’t exhibit any behaviour that makes them avoid humans either. You will frequently see them walking across paths.

what do vultures look like

How To Get Vulture Wishbones

Vulture wishbones are the rare drop that you can get when killing vultures in Horizon Forbidden West. Like most rare drops, it shouldn’t take too much effort to actually get these. Due to their prevalence in the desert and how easy they are to spot, you should have no problem at all gathering enough vulture wishbones.

Vulture Wishbone

What Are Vulture Wishbones Used For?

Vulture wishbones are used as a crafting component at workbenches. They are frequently needed as the main resource in the crafting of pouch upgrades that can be used to increase the carrying capacity of various items in your inventory.

How To Get Vulture Feathers

Vulture feathers are the more common drop that you will get from killing wild vultures. The drop rate is a little higher than wishbones but you should gather a lot of both of these items as you are hunting them in the deserts.

What Are Vulture Feathers Used For?

The feathers are used for the same thing that wishbones are, they are used as a crafting component for creating pouch upgrades and other items at the workbench.

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