Deep Trouble Stuck Finding The Blockage

Deep Trouble Stuck Finding The Blockage

Deep Trouble is a side quest that you will pick up early in Horizon: Forbidden West. You will be tasked with making your way to a collapsed mine to try and rescue miners who got stuck after some explosions caused unintended destruction. When you get inside, this place can turn into a bit of a maze. This quest guide will help you figure out how to get through all of the tricky elements that come with this quest.

Find the Miners

Finding the miners is fairly simple. Wearing headphones or having a decent audio system will help you find them by following the sound. You will need to dive under the water and make your way into the pockets to find where they are. Once you get talking to them, you will be able to move on to the next part of the objective.

Swimming Against the Current

The objective will push you toward swimming under a fallen pathway with a strong current flowing against you.

Getting Stuck In the Roof

There is a glitch with this area of the quest where you can get pushed by the current and end up getting stuck in the roof area of the rubble where you become trapped and must either die or reload your game to escape. This bug has been fixed in a patch but if you are unable to download the patch, you will need to work around it.

Deep Trouble stuck in current
You may find yourself getting stuck in the current. You will need to swim deep to avoid it.

Dive into the water before the doorway and swim right to the bottom of the water. Once you are scraping the bottom of the water, you should be able to push yourself through the current and the push it gives you toward the roof won’t be strong enough to cause you to get stuck inside here.

Get to the Mine Cart

This is one of the longer parts of the quest and getting started can be difficult. You will see the mine cart up on top of the scaffolding but how do you get up? There are a few platforms in the area, none of which will get you up toward the mine cart. There is a rather difficult to see ladder, which is obscured in the darkness that you will need to jump up onto if you want to be able to progress. See the image below.

get to the cart
The ladder does not go all the way to the floor but it is possible to jump onto it.

Once you are up on the platform here, you should find the rest of the trail around to get to the mine cart quite easy. Once you get up to the cart, you can detonate the cart and finish off the quest.

Return To The Miners

Now that the water level has dropped, you can make your way back down and go down the path to the left, which was the way you came. There will be some crates blocking your way forward, so pull these out of the rubble and you will be able to climb under and make your way to the miners who will now be able to make their way out of the mine.

Head back out to the entrance and you can be on your way and done with this collapsed mine.

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