How To Open Metal Flowers

Metal flowers were scattered around the world in Horizon: Zero Dawn and were used as a collectable item that when activated, would release seeds in the area to grow some unique plants. These metal flowers were never fully understood but it was suggested they were a creation from Gaia to diversify the ecosystem. In Horizon: Forbidden west, they serve a completely new purpose, a purpose that is not immediately available to you.

If you have been exploring the desert, you may have come across multiple metal flowers and not understand what you are meant to do with them. When you try to interact with them, you get an info message to say that you do not have the equipment needed to interact with the metal flower.

“A metal flower sprouting organic vines. Invulnerable to impact. Special gear required to clear”

seeds of the past quest
The seeds of the Past quest will guide you through the process of obtaining the item to unlock metal flowers.

How To Find Special Gear for Metal Flowers

Depending on where you are in the story, you may or may not have the ability to obtain the tool to interact with metal flowers. The special item, called a Vine Cutter, is unlocked as part of the main quest called Seeds of the Past. This is the quest where you must go to DEMETER’s Coordinates.

Upon arriving at the location of DEMETER, you will find that vines are blocking the entrance and in order to get inside, you will need to obtain a means of interacting with those metal flowers and clearing the vines. This is where the “Vine Cutter” comes into the mix.

vine cutter item
The vine cutter works with your spear to allow you interact with the metal flowers and clear the vines.

You will unlock this quest once you have started to repair Gaia. You will be given two options. Either seek out POSIEDON or DEMETER. If you chose to seek out POSEIDON, you will likely find these metal flowers that you can’t interact with yet. Since DEMETER is the lower level quest, it is assumed you would do this one first but if you are like me, you did it the other way around and began wondering if you missed something that has prevented you from being able to interact with these.

What Is The Special Gear To Use Metal Flowers

In order to be able to interact with the Metal Flowers in Horizon: Forbidden West, you will need to obtain an item called the “Vine Cutter”. If you look at the metal flowers, you will see that vines are always coming from them and usually blocking a door or some other pathway.

The vine cutter allows you to clear those vines by activating the metal flower. In order to do this, you will first need to obtain it, which can be done as part of the main story quest called Seeds of the Past.

How To Open Metal Flowers

To open metal flowers, you will simply need to perform a melee attack on the flower. It will take 3-4 attacks to cause the flower to fully open. Once it is open, you will be able to use the vine cutter to clear the vines and unlock the way ahead.

open metal flower
Use normal melee attacks to open the metal flower. You will need to have unlocked the vine cutter first though
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