Where to Find Geese In Forbidden West

Hunting for a Goose in Forbidden West is a bit of a challenging one. They are not a particularly common bird and even though most people will know what they look like and where they often life in the real world, they are one of the more tricky birds to come across.

For those that were paying attention early on in the game, you will remember a quest where you needed to source five eggs from an island. There were a few geese around this region of the game and it appears to be the only location where you can find them.

where to find geese in forbidden west

Hunting geese is pretty easy. They are large birds and like many other large birds, they are slow to take off and do not fly particularly fast. This makes them a fairly easy animal to take down, even when they are moving. If you let them fly for too long, however, they will fly too far away and you will be unable to kill it anymore. Since they normally hang out near the water edge of the lake, they are easy to spot without a focus but it’s no harm making use of it anyway as it can be annoying when they are killed and fall into the water and you have to go swimming after the body to collect the item that gets dropped.

what does a goose look like
There are several different kinds of geese in the real world. In Horizon, you are looking at a darker brown bird with a black head

How to Get a Goose Wishbone

A goose wishbone is a random drop that you will get when you kill a wild Goose in Horizon Forbidden West. This is not a guaranteed drop and you may have to hunt several of these birds before the wishbone will finally drop.

goose wishbone

How To Get A Goose Feather

In order to get a goose feather, you will need to kill a wild goose. When you kill one with a weapon, the dead body will be available for you to loot and there is a random chance that there will be a Goose Feather. The drop rate is not too common so you will need to kill several Geese before you end up getting a feather.

What Are Goose Feathers Used For?

Goose Feathers are used as a crafting component at workbenches. You will primarily need a goose feather when you are crafting the resource pouch upgrade. This is a critical update that will be very valuable in the long run, so it is worth picking up this one early in the game.

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