The Taste of Victory Bird Eggs

The Taste of Victory Bird Eggs

As part of The Taste of Victory quest, you will be asked to see out some bird eggs on an island near a lake. The quest seems rather innocuous until you actually arrive on the island and are faced with one of the large hippo machines and some more flying machines that want to make sure you don’t get your hands on those bird eggs.

There are five nests on the island that you will need to loot in order to get the eggs. Using the pulse on your Focus will reveal the purple icons that show where they are. Should make it quite easy to find four of them at least, tough the fifth may be a little more tricky.

The Taste of Victory Bird Eggs
The bird nests look fairly obvious and when you use the pulse, the purple marker will make it fairly easy for you to see where they are.

Can’t find Fifth Bird Nest

Once you have defeated the enemies on the island, you can search around to locate four of the nests without too much trouble. The fifth nest is located off the island, kinda, which is why you probably haven’t found it yet.

Look at the game map and you will see there is a smaller island to the north. This is right on the edge of the yellow circle showing you where the bird nests are located. Check out the image below, you will find the bird nests on the island where you can see the yellow marker showing where Aloy is standing. You will need to jump across some wooden logs that are floating on the water and it will bring you to this small island where the bird nest is hidden behind some rocks. This will be the last bird egg you are missing for this quest.

last bird egg location
See Aloys location marked on the map. Go to this location and you will see the final eggs you were missing.
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