Where to Find Horned Lizards In Forbidden West

Horned Lizards, the animal with the best natural camouflage in the game. Hunting these guys can be tough due to how they almost look like they are part of the soil. Fortunately for you, they spook easily and when they move, they are a lot easier to take down.

Horned Lizards are only found in the desert regions of the game. Since this area of the map is quite vast, finding these lizards is not too tough but you are going to need a sharp eye to spot them as they are almost the exact same color as the dusty ground they hang out on.

where to find horned lizards

Horned Lizards are fast runners and since they are small, it can take a fairly precise shot to take them out. Using your focus is important for these guys as they blend in so well with their surroundings. Once they are spooked, they will make a run for it and they can be tricky to hit when this happens. Make good use of your aiming concentration to be able to land that perfect shot.

what do horned lizards look like

How To Get Horned Lizard Bone

Horned Lizard bones are dropped when you kill a horned lizard in the wild. The drop rate is not too uncommon but once you have killed a few, you should start to gather a couple of these. There is no trick to make sure you get a bone faster than anything else. Just keep hunting for them and you will get the lizard bones.

horned lizard bone

What Are Lizard Bones Used For?

Lizard bones are used as a crafting component to create items and upgrades at workbenches. You will need to gather a couple of these to craft various pouch upgrades to increase storage capacity.

How To Get Lizard Skin

Lizard Skin is dropped randomly when you kill a horned lizard. The blue marker will signal that the item that was dropped is a lizard skin. The drop rate is more common than bones but it is not all that uncommon to get either. If you spend 10 minutes or so hunting for Lizards, you should end up with enough of both items to cover all of your needs.

What Is Lizard Skin Used For?

Lizard skin is used as a crafting component for items and upgrades at workbenches. You will need some to craft pouch upgrades also.

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