The Broken Sky - Scan The Bulwark

Scan The Bulwark

During your progression of the main quest The Broken Sky in Horizon: Forbidden West, you will get an objective to “Scan the Bulwark”. Seems like a simple task, but as soon as you load up your focus, you will see there is nothing all that obvious that instructs where to scan.

Taking a step back and looking at the bulwark from a distance doesn’t help much either. The quest objective here is quite vague and it is a little tricky to try and figure out what exactly you are meant to scan. This guide will help you out if you are stuck.

Which Part of the Bulwark To Scan

If you look at the bulwark from a distance, you will come to the conclusion that there is a specific part of the bulwark that you need to scan, but what part. You will need to go up and down with a bit of a fine-tooth comb to find the specific area you are looking for. Here is the exact thing you need to find.

When you are standing on the lift, once it has been fully lifted to the top of the bulwark, look to the left and you may see something orange showing up on your focus scan.

Jump over to the rocks and try to make your way closer to the upper left section of the Bulwark and as you get closer, you will spot the orange marker for something that shows up on your focus as “Ancient Debris”

scan the bulwark
Scanning the upper left section of the bulwark with your focus will reveal the item you are looking for

Once you have scanned this item, Aloy will suggest you find a way to get into this item. Walk to the left a little further and you will find an opening on the side of the mountain that you can crawl into. Inside this cavern, you will find the remains of an ancient machine. This is the key to bringing down the bulwark. The rest of the Broken Sky quest from this point is quite easy.

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