Where to Find Carp In Forbidden West

Carp is going to seem like one of the more uncommon fish in the game. Not because they are hard to find but because they appear quite early in the game before you get a hold of the diving mask which will result in you spending a lot more time beneath the water. You will have to trek back a bit if you want to catch these guys.

Carp are found in the water back near the start of the game. They are quite common in the large emerald lake that you reach when you leave Chainscrape. They are quite common here, just using your pulse will reveal quite a few hidden amongst the kelp. This is also the same lake where you will be able to find greenshine clusters.

Where to find carp
Carp can be found inside this lake. They are quite easy to find with the focus echo

You will need to make use of the same fishing technique used for catching other fish in the game. You should use the focus to locate them and then swim after the fish and catch is using triangle when you get close enough to them.

what do carp look like
Carp are fairly standard looking fish, nothing like the bloated oversized ones we see on earth today

How To Get Carp Skin

In order to get carp skin, you will need to catch some wild carp. These fish can be found in most freshwater lakes in the mainland. See the map above for exact locations. You will need to kill or catch the fish in order to receive the carp skin. The drop rate is not always guaranteed, you may need to kill a few before you get the item.

What Are Carp Skin Used For?

Carp skin can be used as a crafting component. It is used to create items and upgrades such as satchel and pouch size increases.

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