How to Find Secret Lab In Seamus House

Docs Hidden Lab

Having given the docs notebook to his son Seamus, he will let you know that there is a secret lab somewhere in the small apartment that he is living in. Bed on the size, it is pretty hard to see where the lab could be hidden and Seamus does not give you much help in figuring it out. If you are stuck here, this is the solution.

Finding The Secret Keypad

If you jump onto the countertop, you will see there are a few pictures hanging on the wall. Knock them off the wall and behind one of them, you will find that there is a secret keypad. It is a numeric keypad that you will need a four-digit code to unlock. A code that you do not have yet.

What is The Code For Docs Secret Lab

If you knocked off all of the pictures, you will see there is a clue behind one of them. If you translate the message, you will see that it reads “Time Will Tell”. A little cryptic but It clicked with me since the clue stood out to be fairly early.

Above the sofa where Seamus was sitting, you will see that there are four clocks with different times. All of the times are on the hour. This is the passcode to unlock the lab. I can’t say whether the code will be different for each game but as you can see from the image below, the code for me was 2511.

Secret Lab In Seamus House
The position of the hour hand for all of the clocks is the pass code to get inside docs lab

The video guide will show you exactly what to do. Where to find the entrance to the lab and how to find the keypad to enter the code to unlock it.

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