How to Destroy Helio Statues

helio statues

You will come across a Helio Statue if you decide to do a little exploration when you get across the chasm with the broken bridge and into the desert. When you first fine one, you will get an intrusive popup that explains that you should hit the glowing orange cracks in the statue to destroy it but the tip is unclear and when it is in the way, it blocks the important part that you need to see.

What To Do With The Helio Statues

When you come up to a Helio statue in Atlas Fallen, you will likely see a small area that has some cracks with an orange glow coming out of it. If you hit the orange glow, it will give you some visible feedback. You will need to find three of these on each of the statues and when you hit all three, the statue will break and you will get a large amount of essence dust.

How to Reach High Parts When No Nearby Platform

This is going to happen with quite a few of the statues in the game. You can see the orange cracks up near the top, typically on the face of the statue but there is no high platform nearby that you can jump from in order to dash over to the face to hit it with a weapon.

There is a handy workaround to this that will also get you the trophy/achievement. If you double jump and then keep mashing an attack button, you will eventually rise up to the point where you can hit the orange cracks. So long as your weapon is hitting something, it will allow you to keep climbing up and this will give you the lift you need to destroy the Helio statue. The video below will show you how to achieve this correctly.


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