Sell or Return Deathclaw Egg In The Devil's Due?

Sell or Return Deathclaw Egg

In Fallout 4, “The Devil’s Due” is a side quest that begins when the player discovers the remains of a group of settlers and a holotape inside the Museum of Witchcraft. The holotape reveals that the settlers were attacked by a fearsome Deathclaw. As the player investigates the museum, they will eventually confront and defeat the Deathclaw. Afterward, they will find a Pristine Deathclaw Egg in the museum, which leads to the pivotal decision point in the quest.

The challenging choice for the player is deciding what to do with the Pristine Deathclaw Egg. There are two options:

  1. Return the egg to its nest: The player can choose to return the egg to the Deathclaw’s nest, located at Lynn Woods. This decision is morally sound, as it reunites the egg with its Deathclaw parent. Upon returning the egg, the player will receive a unique melee weapon called the “Deathclaw Gauntlet” as a reward. This decision does not have any significant impact on future quests or resources.
  2. Sell the egg to Wellingham: The player can opt to sell the egg to Wellingham, a Mister Handy robot in the Diamond City market. This choice is more morally ambiguous, as it involves trading the egg for personal gain. The player will receive 200 caps as a reward for selling the egg. Similar to the first option, this decision does not have any major impact on future quests or resources.

Both choices in “The Devil’s Due” quest have their own rewards, but neither significantly affects the player’s experiences later in the game. The quest primarily serves as an opportunity for players to explore their moral compass and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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