Sabotage the Submarine or Repair it In Here There Be Monsters?

Sabotage the Submarine

In Fallout 4, “Here There Be Monsters” is a side quest that begins when the player encounters a young boy named Donny Kowalski near the docks in the southeast part of the map. Donny believes he has seen a sea monster and asks the player to investigate. Upon further investigation, the player discovers that the “sea monster” is actually a Chinese submarine called the “Yangtze,” which has been stranded since the Great War.

The pivotal decision point in the quest occurs when the player meets the submarine’s captain, Zao, who is a Ghoul. Zao requests the player’s help in repairing the submarine so that he can return to China. The player is then faced with a challenging choice: whether to help Zao repair the submarine or sabotage it.

  1. Help Zao repair the submarine: The player can choose to help Zao by retrieving a necessary component called the “Dampening Coil” from the nearby Saugus Ironworks. After returning the component to Zao, he will reward the player with a unique weapon called the “Homing Beacon,” which can call in a missile strike from the Yangtze. This decision is seen as the more compassionate choice, as it involves helping Zao and allowing him to return home. It does not have any significant impact on future quests or resources.
  2. Sabotage the submarine: The player can choose to sabotage the submarine by placing a warhead in the reactor, ultimately causing the submarine to explode. This decision eliminates Zao and the submarine, which may be seen as a morally questionable choice. However, it prevents the possibility of the submarine being used for any nefarious purposes in the future. Like the first option, this decision does not have any major impact on future quests or resources.

Both choices in “Here There Be Monsters” quest have their own outcomes and rewards. The primary impact on the player’s experiences later in the game is the potential loss of the unique “Homing Beacon” weapon if they choose to sabotage the submarine. The quest serves as an opportunity for players to explore their moral compass and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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