Developer Punishes Pirates With Daft Punk Character As An Unbeatable Boss

Video game piracy is a big deal, especially for indie developers who don’t have the giant bank vaults of the gaming industry’s publishing giants behind them. There isn’t a whole lot that can be done these days to prevent it since there is almost always a way around every security measure.

Indie mobile game developer Bloodirony launched a game called shooting stars. Before the game even released on stores, the developers released the APK on torrent websites for people to download for free. This version of the game had some custom code that added a boss that the players could never defeat.

The developers spoke on their blog “we modified the game so that once players hit boss 3, they are confronted with “Premium Funk”, a new boss wave not found in the retailer version. Firstly players must defeat a wave of bosses that have an obscene amount of health. If they do manage to defeat them, then the final boss approaches who has unlimited health. Once players die they are encouraged to check out the full version of the game and help the developers out by purchasing the retail copy.”

When the player gets killed t hey are greeted with a message that tells them to buy the game instead of pirating it.

Pirated Message

This was a fun approach to stop piracy. They will never be able to fully stop it, but at least the developers were able to do it with a relaxed approach and have a bit of fun while they do it.

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