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Keeping up with the latest gaming news is tough, this is not the place where you are going to find the latest and greatest. Ill post a bit of news that interests me from time to time, but you can be fairly sure the story has been broken elsewhere, much sooner. Keeping on top of it all to be the first is a full time job for a team.

doctor who edge of time

A Doctor Who VR Game is On The Way!

Back when David Tennant was the Doctor, I was alwas wondering why they never made a video game of it. Theres more...
days gone walllpaper

Days Gone Interactive Collectable Maps

The landmarks and points of interest are marked on the map when you take over bandit camps which makes these collectables very...
wanking simulator game poster

Wanking Simulator…What Now?!

If there is ever a game to catch someones attention, this is certainately one that does a pretty good job based on...

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Gaming Industry

While the gaming industry seems to be focused on virtual reality, throwing money at Oculus and other VR platforms, augmented reality is...
Pubg Vs Fortnite

Fortnite or Pubg – Battle Royale Battle

First there was Pubg and then there was Fortnite. Both games took the gaming community by storm by taking a brand new...
VR Cinema Mode

Using the PSVR for non VR Games

We all know the PSVR as Sony’s shiny new toy that has attempted to bring affordable VR to the gaming masses. While...

Pixelot – RPG for Android, iOS, and Desktop

Pixelot is a classic RPG for desktop, android, and iOS, that combines the best parts of classic role-playing games. In Pixelot you...
Android Achievement Profile

How To Check Google Play Achievements

If you have played a game on Android that supports Google play achievements, you may have noticed a random popup that has...
Paddle Match Logo

Paddle Match: A Colour Matching Game Now Available On Google Play

Hello, readers my name is David I’m an independent game developer and I’d love to tell you a little bit about...
android xbox achievements

Top Android Games With Google Game Achievements

Mobile has become a massive market for gaming over the past few years. We have gone from playing classic arcade games ported...


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