Zeno Clash II Trophy List

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Complete all of Metamoq's trials in the Tutorial.
K.O. an enemy by throwing a ranged or melee weapon at him.
Rescue FatherMother from prison.
Go to the island and defeat Samoro-Teh, the West Golem.
Go beyond Endworld and defeat Kax-Teh, the North Golem.
Defeat Nak Nak, the leader of the Mantra Whisperers.
Supply Thiloc with the moths he needs to complete his painting.
Defeat enough marauders to get the GoatMan's charm.
Find all of your missing brothers and sisters and help them if they are in trouble.
Throttle Adrence and save Deadra from the Tiamte.
Defeat the Titan.
Unleash a 6-hit combo during the campaign.
Find Oxameter's head in the desert.
Get Word to become your ally.
Unlock the secret passage to the hidden tunnels.
Collect 40 moths in Zenozoik.
Attack an enemy while your partner is grabbing him/her.
Max out all your stats.
Reach the conclusion of Zeno Clash 2's story.