Zen Pinball 2 Trophy List

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Lock one ball in the Nitro Tank!
Start the Turbo speed mode!
Feed a ball in all of the cylinders for Manifold upgrade!
Make one of the parts fully upgraded!
Spin the dynamo spinner 25 times with one shot!
Secure at least 500.000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode!
Make 10 coil ramp shots with one ball!
Activate the Teleforce by completing all of the other experiments!
Find the Extra Ball site during an excavation!
Survive the Giant Ball ramp!
Collect 3 quartz skulls!
Complete all Adventures!
Activate any of the magic spinners during any game mode!
Summon a disaster for the unbelievers!
Make a Super Combo!
Rule the tribe by summoning all of the natural disasters!
Win an Extra Ball with the barrel breaker competition
Destroy the wall with a devastating punch
Win a Fight
Defeat the evil crime boss
Flip the ball between the bumpers and get a 6 hit or greater bumper combo!
Collect 30 Crystall Skulls!
Start the Karma Challenge Multiball by performing three obliterations!
Complete the last Chapter of the Story Mode.
Secure your renown by chasing down the Barking Beast!
Repel the attack of the robber knights against Camelot!
Pay a visit to Morgana's Lair through the hidden path, and win the mode that you choose!
Play through to the end one of the tales of the Knights of the Round Table!
Fire with the Cannon!
Survive the wave of aliens and win the Invasion Multiball!
Save 10 person by hitting the Rescue hole 10 times with one ball!
Collect all 10 medals!
Using the Spaceship magnetic drain collect five space samples!
Neutralize the defense system of the Pyramid
Discover the Lost Civilization by completing the final mission!
Discover and analyze a new galaxy!
Get access to the Jersey Devil's ramp (the reverse scoop) and make a score with it on the Paranormal table!
Get up to the attic of the Haunted Mansion and banish at least one ghost on the Paranormal table!
Start the Dizzy Hurry-up mode, and make the chupacabra dizzy on the Paranormal table!
Lock at least one ball in the film reel and start a Multiball Phenomenon with the cube on the Paranormal table!
Score a 6-way combo!
Defeat all 10 spiders in the Arachnid Attack cellar mode within 20 seconds from start.
Enrage the ent by completing Forest Loops and beat it during the hurry up mode!
Complete the final mission: Midnight Madness!
Defeat three monsters and then hit the Princess locker wheel 3 times to start the Princess multiball and gain this Trophy.
Travel through three areas: the Haunted Mill, the Forest and the Dungeon to encounter no less than 12 monsters! Defeat them all and shoot the Loot hole to begin the fight against the giant Random Dragon. This trophy is for those who can defeat the mighty beast.
Loot as many items as you can to eventually find some Epic stuff with better stats. The whole set consists an epic weapon, shield, armor and helmet. You can keep those items after the game is over, so loosing a game does not mean that you have to start to collect the set from the beginnig!
Collect the four elemental scrolls in the Orcanium. You can gain scrolls there during Skillshots.