Youtubers Life Trophy List

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Masters of Youtubers
You've moved to the students flat
You've moved to the luxury apartment
You've moved to the space mansion
You've got a boyfriend or a girlfriend
You've got your first hater
Reach 100,000,000 views
You've bought every console in the game
You've married a Youtuber
You've bought a Playstudios before being uncharted
You've bought a retro-console
You've attended the "VG" fair
You've finished Youtubers Life being a Gamer
You bought a violin
Reach maximum level with every instrument
You succeeded at the space show
You wrote your first 5 star song
You've completed Youtubers Life as a Musician
You bought the best chef's table
You won the Mister Chef competition
You mastered all the Gastronomies
You created your first 5 star recipe
You completed Youtubers Life as a Chef
Buy the best widgets for your computer
You've moved to the double room loft
You've moved to the mansion
You've got an A in your test
Buy a superhero disguise
You've been visited by Arrou
Reach 15,000,000 subscribers
You've eaten 10 pieces of bread
You've uploaded your first video