YamaYama Trophy List

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FatSuit enemy players 50 times.
Get 5 double kills.
Get 5 after death kills.
Collect 20 power up packages.
Get 200 Points.
Collect all the power up packages in a single game mode.
Play through all the game modes at least once.
Win 50 game modes.
Humiliate your opponents in a single game mode.
Win a game mode after losing at least three in a row.
Win 5 Quick Matches.
Win over 80% of the game modes in a Quick Match.
Win all the game modes in a Quick Match.
Win at sudden death.
FatSuit another player through the teleportation tunnel.
Destroy two players at once in Firecracker.
Electrocute opponents 8 times in one round in Prom Queen.
Steal more than 10 diapers from a specific opponent in Diaper Duty.
Collect 15 points without dropping the Platypus/Flamingo.
Save the Penguin right before it takes off in "Houston, We Have a Penguin".
Be the only one to Catch The Pig 3 times in a row.