YamaYama Trophy List

On The Offensive On The Offensive
FatSuit enemy players 50 times.
Double Kill Double Kill
Get 5 double kills.
From the Grave From the Grave
Get 5 after death kills.
Superman Superman
Collect 20 power up packages.
Sky's the Limit Sky's the Limit
Get 200 Points.
Greed is Good Greed is Good
Collect all the power up packages in a single game mode.
Making Headway Making Headway
Play through all the game modes at least once.
A Feather in Your Cap A Feather in Your Cap
Win 50 game modes.
Ahead of the Pack Ahead of the Pack
Humiliate your opponents in a single game mode.
From Rags to Riches From Rags to Riches
Win a game mode after losing at least three in a row.
On Top of the World On Top of the World
Win 5 Quick Matches.
Domination Domination
Win over 80% of the game modes in a Quick Match.
Perfect Game Perfect Game
Win all the game modes in a Quick Match.
Clutch Player Clutch Player
Win at sudden death.
Get Outta Here Get Outta Here
FatSuit another player through the teleportation tunnel.
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire
Destroy two players at once in Firecracker.
Killer Queen Killer Queen
Electrocute opponents 8 times in one round in Prom Queen.
Dirty Diaper Dirty Diaper
Steal more than 10 diapers from a specific opponent in Diaper Duty.
Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can
Collect 15 points without dropping the Platypus/Flamingo.
Buzzer Beater Buzzer Beater
Save the Penguin right before it takes off in "Houston, We Have a Penguin".
Hog the Hog Hog the Hog
Be the only one to Catch The Pig 3 times in a row.