World of Warriors Trophy List

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Obtain all the trophies.
Unlock ALL the Warriors and Bosses.
Win 5 consecutive combats in the League.
Complete the Tournament mode.
Reach Player Level 50.
Obtain all the Tournament stars.
Play for the first time in Super Rare II Division.
Play for the first time in Legendary I Division.
Play for the first time in Common I Division.
Level-up one Warrior to level 50.
Earn at least one Amulet Talisman in the League.
Perform 3 parries during one round of a League combat.
Unlock the first Legendary Warrior.
Win 3 consecutive combats in the League.
Craft at least one amulet of each Talisman.
Win 4 consecutive combats in the League.
Unlock the first Warrior.
Complete the combat tutorial.
Unlock the Tournament mode.
Level-up a Warrior for the first time.
Defeat a Warrior with the Elemental Rage active.
Defeat a Warrior by pushing him out of the arena.
Activate a team mechanic for the first time.
Make fun of your opponent and taunt him 3 times in a match.
Forge your first talisman in the Foundry.
Brew your first potion.
Unlock the first territories (Midnight Forest and The Sea of Night)
Defeat the first pair of final bosses and add them to your inventory.
Win the first combat in the League.
Revive a team mate in a combat.
Activate the Elemental Rage for the first time.