Winter Sports 2011 Trophy List

Icebreaker Icebreaker
Win all the Trophies in Winter Sports 2011.
Petty theft Petty theft
Steal the flag 3 times in a multiplayer match (online).
Turbo maniac Turbo maniac
Use 5 turbo strips in a row spending no more than 3 seconds between strips (online multiplayer).
Sticky flag Sticky flag
Score three times in a row (Capture the Flag, multiplayer online).
Exact fare Exact fare
Finish a coins contest with exactly 49 coins in multiplayer (online).
Tricked out Tricked out
Perform all tricks in one race at Snowmobile (single player).
Slipstream addict Slipstream addict
Activate and deplete 49 fully charged slipstream boosts (single player).
You can't run but you can slide You can't run but you can slide
Slide 49 times for at least 5 seconds on rails (Snowboard Cross, Freeride, single player).
License to skill I License to skill I
Perform a perfect start at Snowboard Cross, Downhill, Freeride and Snowmobile (single player).
License to skill II License to skill II
Perform a perfect start at Short track, Biathlon and Bobsled (single player).
Breathless Breathless
Hit five targets in a row without holding your breath at Biathlon (single player).
Steady hand Steady hand
Don't miss a single target at the shooting range in a Biathlon race (single player).
Ruffian Ruffian
Jostle your oppenents 49 times (single player).
Gentleman Gentleman
Win 10 races without jostling any opponents (single player).
Dizzy Dizzy
Perform 49 Frontloops without crashing (single player).
Lord of the board Lord of the board
Perform 49 grabs without crashing at Snowboard Cross (single player).
Steady feet Steady feet
Don't fall or stumble during a Figure Skating event on at least medium difficulty (single player).
Flawless figures Flawless figures
Don't miss a single move during a Figure Skating event on at least hard difficulty (single player).
Double trouble Double trouble
Activate double mode 5 times during a Figure Skating event (single player).
Untouchable Untouchable
Win a race without ever getting jostled by an opponent (single player).
On the fly On the fly
Remain in the air for at least 3 seconds at Snowboard Cross or Alpine Skiing (single player).
Accessories I Accessories I
Buy all Snowboard Cross, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon and Ski Flying upgrades.
Accessories II Accessories II
Buy all Bobsled, Figure Skating, Short track and Snowmobile upgrades.
Possessive Possessive
Buy all upgrades.
Boon Cup Boon Cup
Win the Boon Cup.
Modo Cup Modo Cup
Win the Modo Cup.
Noctis Cup Noctis Cup
Win the Noctis Cup.
Race Cup Race Cup
Win the Race Cup.
Penta Cup Penta Cup
Win the Penta Cup.
Oldschool Cup Oldschool Cup
Win the Oldschool Cup.
Go for gold Cup Go for gold Cup
Win the Go for gold Cup.
49Games Cup 49Games Cup
Win the 49Games Cup.
Ace in the sleeve Ace in the sleeve
Finish the career without ever using a wild card.
Career Champion Career Champion
Win all cups in the career.
Level 3 Level 3
Reach level 3 in career mode.
Level 8 Level 8
Reach level 8 in career mode.
Level 13 Level 13
Reach level 13 in career mode.
Level 17 Level 17
Reach level 17 in career mode.
Level 20 Level 20
Reach level 20 in career mode.
Beginner's luck Beginner's luck
Complete 5 challenges of any kind.
Challenge champion Challenge champion
Complete all challenges.
Who's the boss? Who's the boss?
Complete all Boss challenges.
Coin collector Coin collector
Complete all Gold Rush challenges.
Up to every trick Up to every trick
Complete all Trickser challenges.
Obedient Obedient
Complete all Pin Point Trickser challenges.
Precision landing Precision landing
Complete all Touchdown Zone challenges.
Tornado tamer Tornado tamer
Complete all Tornado challenges.
Barber Barber
Complete all Close Contact challenges.
Jet pilot Jet pilot
Complete all Jet challenges.
Mathematician Mathematician
Complete all Abacus challenges.