Wild Arms 3 Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Defeat Janus on the roof of the train.
Receive your first four mediums.
Complete the Novice Division at Gunner's Heaven.
Reach Migrant Level five.
Upgrade an ARM attribute to level five.
Successfully disarm a treasure chest trap.
Buy something from the Black Market.
Raise every character's LCK rating to BEST.
Breed a plant in the Secret Garden.
Complete the Journeyman Division at Gunner's Heaven.
Complete each division and defeat Bad News at Gunner's Heaven.
Reach Migrant Level 20.
Reach Upgrade Level 15.
Defeat Janus at Ka Dingel.
Defeat Leehalt, Melody, and Malik in the final battle at Yggdrasil.
Defeat Dragna Sieg at Deus Ex Machina.
Read all 11 Adventure chapters to Kaitlyn and receive her EX File Key.
Inflict 50,000 damage with one strike.
Defeat Lolithia at Mimir's Well.
Win a battle using the Sandcraft's Ark Smasher weapon.
Reach level 50 with Virginia, Clive, Jet, and Gallows.
Destroy the Mothership.
Defeat Ragu O Ragla for the final time.
Explore 100% of the World Map.
Complete every Millennium Puzzle.
Defeat the Nega Filgaia.
Reach level 90 with Virginia, Clive, Jet, and Gallows.