Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions Trophy List

Lightning Reactions... Lightning Reactions…
Win “Fastest Finger First” Round in under 4 seconds (single player game)
Breaking the Ice Breaking the Ice
Answer the first question correctly (single player game)
That's what they are there for That’s what they are there for
Use a lifeline (single player game)
Fall at the first post... Fall at the first post…
Get the first question wrong (single player game)
It's easy when you know... It’s easy when you know…
“Walk Away” with nothing (single player game)
Not going home empty handed! Not going home empty handed!
Reach 1000 (single player game)
You're a brave contestant! You’re a brave contestant!
Choose to “Walk Away” between 32,000 and 250,000 (single player game)
So Close! So Close!
Choose to “Walk Away” with 500,000 (single player game)
...and yet so far! …and yet so far!
Fail to answer the Million – dropping to 32,000 (single player game)
The million dollar question! The million dollar question!
Get to the Million Question – Tier 15 (single player game)
All too EASY!! All too EASY!!
Win 1,000,000 with all three lifelines remaining (single player game)
You're a Millionaire!! You’re a Millionaire!!
Win 1,000,000 (single player game)