We Happy Few Trophy List

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Unlock all other We Happy Few trophies
Take Phlash as Arthur
Kill 100 NPCs in a single playthrough
Listen to all the phone calls in the phoneboxes
Kill a guy named Ryan Andrews
Retrieve the credentials from the club
Finish all of the butcher’s apprentice quests
Complete "Band of Brothers" encounter
Deliver the cod liver oil
Cross into the Village for the first time
Set foot on every island
Finish Mystery House without being spotted once
In Thomasina House - Collect all fake cats
Unlock all of Arthur's shelters
Contract and cure the plague
Complete the entire game without directly murdering anyone
Gain £1000 from looting/bartering across playthroughs
Die while overdosing on Joy
Find all collectibles
Collect all Uncle Jack Shows
Take the Joy at the very beginning of the game
Read all newspaper articles as Arthur, and redact only the uncomfortable ones
Correctly sabotage Clive Birtwhistle’s redactor work
Complete Arthur's Intro
Finish Arthur’s playthrough
Find all notes related to Prudence
Talk to Johnny Bolton from the Secret Radio Room
Complete Sally's intro
Knock out 50 NPCs with the Atomizer
Complete the Crones encounter
Complete speaking with Verloc at the Joy Factory
Finish Sally’s playthrough
Catch 40 butterflies with Sally's butterfly net
Inject yourself with glucose 10 times
Use 25 lightning rods, playing as Ollie
Complete Ollie's intro
Complete “No Place Like Home” encounter
Complete “The Jack-o-Bean Club” encounter
Spread the message
Finished Ollie’s playthrough