Warriors Orochi 3 Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Cleared all stages at Chaos difficulty.
Gathered over 900,000 gems.
Obtained level 4 weapons for all officers.
Unlocked all officers for play.
Cleared all scenarios.
Cleared Story Mode with NORMAL ending.
Cleared Story Mode with GOOD ending.
Cleared Story Mode with TRUE ending.
Gathered over 500,000 gems.
Gathered over 100 crystals.
Purchased over 100 weapons.
Held over 100 parties.
Cleared any stage without taking any damage.
Achieved 3000 K.O.s.
Obtained every equippable item.
Listened to all the music.
Entered battle over 100 times with any one officer.
Completed more than 10 missions in one battle.
Unlocked all wallpaper.
Unlocked all costumes.
Cleared Chapter 1 in Story Mode.
Cleared Chapter 2 in Story Mode.
Cleared Chapter 3 in Story Mode.
Cleared all 10 Redux stages.
Defeated the Hydra.
Cleared a battlefield created using Musou Battlefields.
Upgraded a weapon using Weapon Fusion.
Purchased a weapon.
Returned to the past using Kaguya's power.
Cleared a stage using either online play or 2-player mode.
Purchased a weapon using crystals.
Held a party.
Raised the bonds of one pair of officers to its maximum.
Used all mountable siege weapons.
Achieved 1000 K.O.s.
Cleared a stage in under 5 minutes.
Successfully performed a combo of 1000 or more.
Obtained over 10,000 EXP in a single battle.
Used a True Triple Attack.
Successfully completed a mission.
Raised compatibility of a weapon to maximum.
Purchased a weapon that cost over 10,000 gems.