Warhawk Trophy List

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All your base trophies are belong to platinum.
Host a ranked dedicated server for four consecutive hours.
Create a clan and get nine other members to join. (Awarded at ten members while you are the clan leader.)
Join a clan.
Win a clan match (red server) as either clan leader or a regular member.
Play a perfect Deathmatch (top player, no deaths).
Play a perfect Team Deathmatch (top player, no deaths).
Get three flag captures in a single round of CTF.
Control all capturable bases in a Zones match, and reduce the enemy's home base to level 1.
Survive for one minute as the hero in Hero mode.
Capture four cores at once in Collection mode.
Shoot down a Warhawk with any infantry weapon other than a Rocket Launcher.
Achieve a sniper kill from more than 2,500 feet away.
Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Field Wrench.
Kill an enemy with his own Proximity Mine.
While on foot, take at least 250 damage within 10 seconds without dying.
Help a teammate capture the flag (in CTF) or cores (in Collection) by transporting him back to the base, using any vehicle.
Achieve a road kill and a .50 cal kill using the same 4x4, without dismounting.
Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank's main cannon.
Destroy an enemy aircraft with a volley of 8 Swarm Missiles.
Destroy an enemy aircraft with a dumbfired Swarm or Homing Missile.
Destroy an enemy aircraft with a TOW Missile.
Destroy an enemy aircraft with a Cluster Bomb.
Destroy an enemy aircraft with an Aerial Mine within 5 seconds of deploying it.
Break at least 6 simultaneous missile locks using Chaff.
Kill every member of the opposing team at least once during a round.
Kill an enemy in a Missile or Flak Turret after that enemy has achieved at least five kills in that type of turret.
Kill an enemy within 60 seconds of that enemy killing you.
Get 100 feet off the ground in a ground vehicle. Does not count if the vehicle is being carried by a Dropship.
Complete Ground Combat Training.
Complete Vehicle Combat Training.
Complete Warhawk Combat Training.
Earn all in-game badges at Bandit level.
Earn all in-game badges at Master level.
Earn all in-game badges at Warhawk level.
Earn any five in-game medals.
Earn any 15 in-game medals.
Earn all in-game medals.
Achieve a rank of Chief Sergeant.
Achieve a rank of Commander.
Achieve a rank of Lt. Colonel.
Achieve a rank of General.
Get killed by Proximity Mines five times in a single round.
Commit suicide in a Warhawk by running into your own Aerial Mine.
Get killed by a Binoculars strike while piloting an aircraft.
Shoot down an enemy Dropship while using a Warhawk.
Awarded to the driver and all six passengers of a fully-loaded Dropship.
Shoot down a Dropship with a Binoculars strike.
Retrieve the Proximity Mines from the top of the dome on the Omega Factory Rumble Dome layout.
Destroy an enemy Warhawk with the APC's E-POD shield.
Drive an APC into the enemy's home base, then have at least one teammate spawn into that APC.
Break an enemy E-POD shield using the Lightning Shell.
Using a Warhawk, shoot down an enemy Warhawk in the central gorge in Vaporfield Glacier.
While flying a jetpack, kill an enemy (who is also flying a jetpack) with any weapon other than the Rocket Launcher.
Kill an enemy who is flying a jetpack by hitting him with any vehicle or aircraft.
Snipe an enemy who is flying a jetpack.
Kill a distant enemy from on top of the salvage crane in Tau Crater.