Avenging Spirit Trophy List

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Received all trophies.
Completed all of Alcott's deliveries.
Never went into town.
Found all of Dr. Agassiz's specimens.
Published all your manuscripts with Greeley and lectured in Boston.
Never bought anything at the General Store.
Surveyed Walden Pond.
Earned $100.00.
Eased Emerson's grief by collecting young Waldo's toys after his death.
Helped your family by paying your father's bills.
Wrote entries about 100 objects in your journal.
Found all of Sophia's poems.
Never opened any of your Christmas presents.
Walked 50 miles.
Paid back taxes.
Found all of Emerson's books.
Went to jail in protest.
Found 20 arrowheads.
Harvested 20 bean plants.
Nailed 20 boards.
Caught 20 fish.
Picked 20 edible plants.
Took 20 boat rides.
Walked 20 miles.
Began a second year in the woods.
Mended 20 seams.
Spent an hour in town.
Chopped 20 logs.