Voltron: Defender of the Universe Trophy List

Space Explorer Space Explorer
Complete the game with any Lion.
Space Legend Space Legend
Complete the game with all five Lions.
King Alfor's Blessing King Alfor's Blessing
Get five Survivor bonuses in a single play session.
Defender of the Universe Defender of the Universe
Rescue 100 groups of civilians.
Lion Heart Lion Heart
Complete any level without the Lion deactivating once.
Five Keys Five Keys
Complete a level in an online game with four other players.
Zarkon's Bane Zarkon's Bane
Complete any three levels without seeing a game over in a single play session.
Fly Swatter Fly Swatter
Achieve ten air pounces in a single level.
The Vendetta Begins The Vendetta Begins
Beat a friend's level score after they have beaten yours in the same online game session.
Carried the Team Carried the Team
Complete a level in an online game where you are the only surviving player.
Lion Ace Lion Ace
Earn a x10 score combo five times in a single level.
Blazing Victory Blazing Victory
Kill a Robeast without Voltron losing any health.