Tropico 5 Trophy List

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Collected all other Tropico 5 trophies
Finished all tutorials
Completed "A New Dawn"
Completed "Day 0"
Completed "Back to the Past"
Completed "Leon Must Die!"
Completed "Hope"
Finished a multiplayer game
Won a multiplayer game by points
Won a multiplayer game by money
Won a multiplayer game by construction
Connected a dock with that of another player
Produced and shared 1 000 MW of power with another player
Had a fleet of 12 trade ships
Mined 100 000 ores and coal in a single game
Had managers in more than 15 buildings in a single game
Had relations higher than 90 with all factions in the Modern Era
Ruled for 100 months as a colonial governor
Exported 100 000 Luxury Goods
Had more than 20 Plantations, Hydroponic Farms, Factory Farms and Ranches in a single game
Had more than 500 citizens in a single game
Built 150 buildings in a single game
Earned over $$200 000 Swiss bank account
Built more than 2 000 meters of roads in a single game
Successfully completed 5 trade routes with China in a single game
Finished a game with relations of 100 with the US
Had 5 foreign powers in your Embassies at the same time
Had Slob, Family, Cultural, Eco and Wealthy tourists at the same time on the island
Earned $50 000 yearly revenue from Entertainment buildings
Had 10 different industry buildings in a single game
Had all happiness values above 50
Reached overall happiness of 77
Executed a Rebel Leader
Bribed a Faction Leader
Had a dynasty member with a level 5 skill
Recognized a new heir
Changed the looks of a dynasty member
Had 7 Dynasty members
Survived a rebel attack against the Palace
Survived an uprising
Survived a Military Coup
Survived an invasion from the USA
Had 5 Army Bases in a single game
Had 20 Guard Towers in a single game
Advanced to the Modern Era before the year 1960
Researched all technologies at least once before the year 2005 in a single game
Amended the Constitution 6 times in a single game
Issued 20 edicts in a single game
Issued the "Host the Olympics" edict
Won a Sandbox game on a Tiny island
Won a Sandbox game on an island with Relentless Disasters
Completed "Treasure Hunt"
Completed Waterborne campaign
Defeated Captain Plant in the final battle
Finished the Waterborne campaign with the Black Pearl in your possession
Had a fleet of 3 Fishing Trawlers
Had 3 Oyster Farms and a Jewelry Workshop
Fired missiles from a Nuclear Submarine during a battle against another player
Had 10 Floating Apartments and no residential buildings on land (excluding shacks)
Had 1 of each waterborne buildings in a single playthrough
Have 5 superpowers in Offshore Offices
Completed mission 1
Completed Espionage campaign
Completed a Sabotage action in multiplayer
Exposed secrets of 2 different superpowers in a single game
Dealed with 10 foreign spies in a single game
Had Ministry of Information, Dungeon and 10 Security Checkpoint
Had 5 Police Blimps
Had 13 loyal spies at the same time
Had 20 prisoners in Dungeons and Supermax Prisons
Eliminated 20 undesirable citizens with drones