Train Sim World Trophy List

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Successfully unlocked all trophies in Train Sim World
Reached a speed of 125MPH in the HST
Reached a speed of 90MPH in the Class 166
Reached a speed of 75MPH in the Class 66
Operated the Class 43 HST for 430 miles
Operated the Class 166 for 1660 miles
Operated the Class 66 for 660 miles
Successfully completed all scenarios
Successfully completed all introduction tutorials
Completed the BR1442 Talent 2 Basic Introduction
Completed 442 passenger boarding tasks
Reached the max speed of the BR1442 (160KPH)
Operated 44.2KM in the BR1442 Talent 2
Acknowledged 500 SIFA alarms
Completed all of the available services
Rode as a passenger for 44.2KM
Completed 64 passenger boarding tasks
Coupled to 380 Freight Cars
Reached 100Mph in the ACS64
Operated 640 miles in the ACS64
Operated 380 miles in the GP38-2
Complete the ACS64 Basic Introduction
Completed all scenarios on NEC New York
Complete the GP38-2 Basic Introduction
Completed all of the available services
Collected all collectables on this route