Track Lab Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Finish the Tutorial.
Finish the Medium Relaxed Puzzles.
Finish the Hard Relaxed Puzzles.
Finish the Medium Energetic Puzzles.
Finish the Hard Energetic Puzzles.
Finish the Medium Exotic Puzzles.
Finish the Hard Exotic Puzzles.
Finish the Medium Epic Puzzles.
Finish the Hard Epic Puzzles.
Finish all Evolver levels.
Use every Optic once in Creation mode.
Use every Effect once in Creation mode.
Use Effects for more than 30 minutes total.
Set the BPM to the fastest setting.
Stop the Composition 25 times.
Reach the limit of Samples you can place in one Composition.
Throw a Track far away.
Place 1000 Samples in Creation mode.
Place 10000 Samples in Creation mode.
Split the Pulse 1000 times in Creation mode.
Split the Pulse 1000000 times in Creation mode.
Save 10 Tracks in the Library.
Save 100 Tracks in the Library.
Apply customizations to a Track.
Use all original Kits in one Composition.
Queue a Track 50 times in Creation mode.
Make a Composition using 30 different Instruments.