Toybox Turbos Trophy List

The New World The New World
Unlocked a new cup
Toybox Tour Toybox Tour
Completed an event on every track in single player
One Down... One Down...
Achieved a 3 Star rating for every event in a single cup
That's Dedication! That's Dedication!
Achieved a 3 star rating for every event in the game.
What's The Time? What's The Time?
Achieved 3 stars in a Countdown event
Don't Stop! Don't Stop!
Achieved 3 stars in an Escape event
Pole Position Pole Position
Achieved 3 stars in a Classic race
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Achieved 3 stars in a Time Trial event
Heavy Traffic Heavy Traffic
Achieved 3 stars in an Overtake event
Big Spender Big Spender
Purchased any vehicle
Collector Collector
Collected all vehicles
Paint Job Paint Job
Repainted any vehicle with a custom colour
Boss Hog Boss Hog
Beat all boss battles
Loaded Loaded
Earn 1,000,000 coins
With Friends Like These... With Friends Like These...
Played a local match with more than 1 player
Outside The Box Outside The Box
Played an online match against any opponents